Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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AddressPristanište 2
20226 Goveđari - Mljet
Phone+385 20 744 041Webwww.np-mljet.hr

Builder of Mountain Trails

Dear volunteer, join us on the island of Mljet and help us make the mountain trails of the Park. Mljet is the oldest protected marine area in the Mediterranean and one of the islands with the richest vegetation on the Adriatic. By protecting over 40 km of trails within the Park we will enable visitors to explore them and see their natural beauty and uniqueness.

Duties and Responsibilities

– keep the mountain trails clean by removing weeds and obstacles
– enable visitors to explore the Park in a safer and more pleasant way
– motivate and raise the local inhabitants’ and visitors’ awareness of the need for protecting the Park’s nature

Number of positions


Volunteering period

 February, March, April (11.2.-18.2.; 18.2.-25.2.; 25.2.-4.3.; 4.3.-11.3.; 11.3.-18.3.; 18.3.-25.3.; 25.3.-1.4.; 1.4.-8.4.; 8.4.-15.4.)

Working hours

From Monday to Saturday, six hours a day with several shorter and one longer lunch break. The minimum volunteering period is 6 days.


– physically fit (possible work in the sun)
– desire to spend time outdoors
– skillful with using gardening tools (billhook, big scissors)


Croatian and/or English. Volunteers from foreign countries must speak English in order to communicate with the Park staff.

Volunteering with a disability

The program is not suitable for people with disabilities due to physically demanding work and inaccessible terrain.


On the mountain trails within the Park (40 km of total length).

Pogled s Montokuca  Pogled s puta za Kozaricu  Zarasli put
Zarasli put  Uređeni put  Uređeni put


Accommodation is provided free of charge. Volunteers will be housed in the building Kulijer owned by the Park. Rooms with three and more beds, including a bathroom and a common kitchen are available. The building is 2 km from Pomena, the location of the only hotel on the island, with several restaurants and two stores which are open during the summer.

Mljet - smještaj


Food is provided free of charge. The Park staff will purchase and deliver groceries for volunteers to prepare themselves. Alternatively, they will be provided with a free meal at the local hotel.


Local transportation within the Park is ensured. Travel costs of arrival to and departure from the Park have to be arranged by the volunteers themselves.

Leisure time

– go mountaineering, walk or ride bicycles on over 40 km of marked lanes
– rent kayaks, canoes, and paddle in lakes
– dive alone or under the watchful eye of a diving instructor in Pomena
– rent a scooter or a car in Polače and see the rest of the island and its sights
– rest and spend time with other colleagues, the Park staff and visitors of the island and the Park in numerous restaurants and taverns which offer local cuisine

Why volunteer at our Park

– to gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills
– to meet visitors, the local inhabitants, the Public Service and its employees and expand your social network
– to participate in outdoor activities in a unique surrounding
– to cooperate with the Park’s employees (the Guardians of Nature, informers, tour guides) and learn about the management of protected areas
– to enjoy nature, sun and sea, relax on the beach and engage in various sports activities such as swimming, cycling, rowing, running, mountaineering…


All you need to do is fill out the form. National Park will contact you with further information or register you as a volunteer if you are interested (and if there are positions available)!