Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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AddressKralja Petra Svačića 2
23210 Biograd na moru
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Dry Stone Wall Builder/Meadow Keeper

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Get involved in the “Solidarity for Natural Heritage” volunteer program through the restoration of the dry walls of the largest olive grove in Dalmatia, the restoration of flooded meadows, and the start of the restoration of the trail in the Ornithological Reserve. Learn traditional knowledge, master the technique, and help enrich the cultural and biological diversity of the Nature Park Vransko jezero.

What does Dry Stone Wall Builder/Meadow Keeper do?

-restores dry walls that were built by a traditional technique without the use of mortar or binder

-clears the areas covered by vegetation that has overgrown the dry walls and the flooded meadow

-restores the wooden educational trail of the ornithological reserve by painting it

-helps collect the cut shade in the meadow

-informs the public (Park visitors) about restoration activities

-contributes to the preservation of traditional knowledge, as well as the cultural and natural heritage of the Park

How many volunteers are needed?

5 , aged 18-30.

When will the program start?

The program will take place in September of 2023. (02.09. – 16.09.).

Working hours

Optimally 5 hours a day, a total of 70 hours over the 14 days of the program. The planned schedule includes short rest breaks. Participation is mandatory for the entire duration of the program.


– readiness for demanding physical work and being in the sun (high temperatures)ability to work and find an independent role in a group

-patience and dedication

-hiking and willingness to spend the whole day in the outdoors

-desire for informal learning and intercultural exchange

-good will and flexibility


English or Croatian language.

Volunteering with a disability

The volunteer positions are not suitable for people with severe disabilities and with physical and motor difficulties.


During the first week of the program, the volunteers will work in the area of harbor Prosika and Modrave – once the largest olive grove on the eastern Adriatic coast.

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The second week of the program takes place in the Ornithological Reserve Crkvine, at the wooden educational trail.

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Camping positions will be free of charge in two camps,  in Camp Kalebić and in Camp Crkvine in tents, which volunteers have to provide themselves.

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Park will procure and deliver foods to be prepared independently by the volunteers in the Camp kitchen. The costs will be covered by the Park.


All arrival and departure costs are covered. The Public Institution Nature Park Vransko jezero covers the costs of the volunteer’s arrival by public transport. Local transportation within the Park is provided. The program is financed by the European Union funds from the European Solidarity Corps program, so we cover all volunteers’ expenses, including travel, accommodation, food, and pocket money expenses for each day of volunteering.

Leisure time

– explore the Nature Park Vransko jezero – watch birds, get to know the hiking trails of the Park, and visit the attractive “Kamenjak” viewpoint, which offers a view of the entire lake and the Adriatic Sea

– swim in Vransko jezero and the Adriatic Sea

– visit nearby islands – Murter and Vrgada

– on the way back or on the way out, visit the cities of Zadar, Biograd, Pirovac or Šibenik

Why volunteer at our Park

– through volunteering, you will master the traditional knowledge of dry stone walling technique

– you will get to know the Mediterranean wetland and its biodiversity

– you will strengthen your body and spirit through active work in nature

– you will see for yourself the power of teamwork

– you will gain confidence in your own abilities

-you will contribute to local sustainability and strengthening of the local community


Applications for this program are open until the place is filled.