Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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Information Assistant in Duboka Eco Camping Site

If you wish to work in Parks of Croatia, please join us and participate in the development of Papuk Nature Park.

Through the establishment of new tourist infrastructure of the Duboka Eco Camping Site, Papuk Nature Park Public Institution wishes to enable school children to get involved in new educational programs, and to extend their time spent in nature through multi-day school in nature workshops. In addition, the aim of the newly opened camping site is to extend the stay of other categories of visitors looking for this type of accommodation, including those who are already using the recreational and tourist offer of the Papuk Nature Park and the surrounding area.

It is important to serve as a role model to the youngest generations, as we emphasize the importance of protected area conservation in the Republic of Croatia. Your dedicated work and enthusiasm will significantly contribute to the development of the first Geopark in Croatia.

What does Information Assistant do?

– Providing key information to visitors about the Duboka Eco Camping Site and about the code of conduct in the Camping Site and within the Park
– Performing check-in and check-out of visitors in the Camping Site
– Responding to questions received via the Camping Site phone line
– Informing visitors about the available offer and activities in the Park
– Informing visitors about natural and cultural values of the Park
– Preparing daily reports

How many volunteers are needed?


When is volunteering available?

From August until November

What are working hours like for volunteers?

Six (6) days per week, eight (8) hours per day, in shifts. Minimum duration of volunteering is fifteen days, and maximum duration is two months.

What are the qualities required from volunteers?

– Communicativeness, creativity and openness
– Readiness for field work
– Clarity of expression
– Cheerful character

Which languages should volunteer know?

Volunteers from Croatia must possess a very good oral and written knowledge of English. Knowledge of another foreign language (German, French, etc.) is desirable.

Volunteers from abroad must possess excellent knowledge of English, in order to provide information to visitors, and in order to communicate with Park staff and with other stakeholders. In addition, good knowledge of one additional foreign language is required (preferably German).

Volunteering opportunities for persons with disabilities

Due to field work and unavailability of adequate accommodation, this position is not suitable for engagement of persons with disabilities.

Where do volunteers work?

Volunteers will work in the Duboka Eco Camping Site, and in other locations within the Park based on need.

Eco Camping Site Duboka  Eco Camping Site Duboka  Eco Camping Site Duboka
Eco Camping Site Duboka  Eco Camping Site Duboka  Eco Camping Site Duboka


Accommodation is ensured in the premises of the administrative building of the Papuk Nature Park Public Institution, and it is free of charge. Accommodation capacity is a suite-type accommodation for 4 persons, with available kitchen and bathroom facilities.

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Food is ensured, and it is free of charge. Park staff will procure groceries for volunteers to prepare independently; alternatively, meals for volunteers will be ensured in the vicinity.


Transportation of volunteers is not required during the volunteering period, since the location where volunteering services will be provided is in the vicinity of accommodation.

What can volunteers do when they are not volunteering?

– Get acquainted with natural and cultural heritage of Papuk Nature Park
– Get acquainted with the surrounding area
– Engage in cycling, hiking, canoeing and similar recreational activities
– Enjoy local culinary specialties
– Enrich one’s knowledge about the Park by socializing with Park staff

Why should you volunteer in our Park?

– Volunteering will provide you with new and valuable experience
– Cooperation with Park staff will enrich your knowledge about the Papuk Nature Park
– You will improve your foreign language skills
– You will get acquainted with natural wealth and beauty of the local area
– You will meet new people and friends
– You will be able to enjoy nature to the fullest


Please apply by filling out this form, and Park staff will contact you with more information!