Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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Nurturer of Mountain Plants

Join us and try out gardening at 1 500 meters of altitude! At the Northern Velebit Nature Park, we are working on renewing the botanical garden and we need all the help we can get.

No expert knowledge is needed for this position – only goodwill and love for nature.

Duties and responsibilities

– water, weed, trim and trench mountain plants
– cut grass
– prepare the soil
– get water from the well
– photograph plants
– protect and increase plant fund

Number of positions

Up to 16 (from 2 to 4 persons in 4 groups in a period of 10 days)

Volunteering period

June, July and August

Working hours

Six hours a day throughout the period of two weeks. Work begins in the morning (at about 8 am). You can arrange to work one or two shifts with a break during the hottest period.


– interested in plants and nature
– interest and patience for working in the garden
– comfortable with working in a bent down, squatting, kneeling position for longer periods of time
– ready to be exposed to strong sun, mild wind and low temperatures


Croatian or English. Volunteers from foreign countries must speak English in order to communicate with the Park staff and other volunteers.

Volunteering with a disability

The program is suitable for people with mild forms of disabilities which do not prevent them from doing the above-mentioned duties.


Volunteers will work at the Velebit botanical garden in Zavižan.
Botanička stanica na Zavižanu  Kružna staza  Čupanje korova
Kalanje vode  Plijevljenje male kamenjare  Uređivanje staza


Accommodation is provided free of charge – in the common dormitory at the Babić Siča supervising station (7km from the workplace). The station is located outside the village, at the entrance to the Park. The dormitory is on the first floor, a small kitchen and a common room with tables and a woodstove are on the ground floor. There is a sanitary block, but no shower. Occasional showering will be made possible in the form of an outdoor shower or in the Park’s management building at Krasno village.

smještaj_NP_Sjeverni_Velebit_babic-sica-3  smještaj_NP_Sjeverni_Velebit_babic-sica-2  smještaj_NP_Sjeverni_Velebit_babic-sica-4


Food is provided free of charge. The meals are prepared by the volunteers themselves.


Local transportation within the Park is provided free of charge. However, due to the limited number of vehicles, volunteers will sometimes need to walk from their workplace to their housing (about 45 minutes of pleasant downhill walking, mostly through the forest). The arrival to the Park from nearby towns (Senj or Otočac) is provided by the Park vehicles or public transportation (expenses covered by the Park).

Leisure time

– meditate, read, practice yoga, enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest drink homemade travarica (herbal schnapps) or tea, chat with the local inhabitants, mountaineers and enjoy the view outside the mountain hut Zavižan – a 10-15 minute walk from the Velebit Botanical Garden and about an hour and a half along the footpath from Babić Siča.
– explore the mountain trails and conquer the Zavižan peaks (10-15 minute walk from the Velebit Botanical Garden and an hour a half walk along the Babić Siča)
– rent a bike and ride around the Park
– try out the local cheese and apple or cheese strudel in nearby Krasno (about 10 km from Babić Siča)
– visit the Sanctuary of our Lady of Krasno and visit the Forest Museum in Krasno ( about 10 km from Babić Siča)

Why volunteer at our Park

– to gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills
– to meet visitors, the local inhabitants, the Public Service and make new friendships and expand your social network
– to improve your knowledge of foreign languages
– to cooperate with the Guardians of Nature and learn about the management of protected areas
– to enjoy nature, the sun, and mountains
– to learn about the riches of the Velebit flora
– to feel what life is without modern technology ( no water, signal, etc.) in an almost unspoiled nature
– to have the opportunity to conquer several Velebit peaks and get the feel of the wilderness and enjoy the magnificent views
– to experience the weather’s unpredictable mood swings and feel like you’re on the clouds


Contact Franka Grbavac, our volunteer program leader in the Northern Velebit National Park by filling out the form. Franka will contact you with further information or register you as a volunteer if you are interested (and if there are positions available)!