Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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22000 Šibenik
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Opinion Seeker – Krka green guardian

Do you like working with people? Are you communicative and like spending time outdoors? Do you speak English? If your answer is yes, then join Krka National Park – and become part of the volunteer program. Our objective is to interview visitors and on the basis of the data collected, improve communication, offer and ensure more interesting activities and protection strategies for Krka National Park.

Help us to be even better!

What the Opinion Seeker – Krka green guardian is doing

– surveys visitors to the Park using pre-prepared survey forms

– assists visitors in filling out forms

– reports to the supervisor on the number of surveys conducted on a daily basis

– contributes to the improvement of services provided by the Park and thus indirectly contributes to the protection and preservation of nature

– provides basic information to visitors on the functioning of the visitor system, the movement of visitors, main entrances, parking areas, places for refreshments, and the like

– provides basic information on natural processes in the Park in terms of plant and animal characteristics of the area, various habitats, travertine formation processes, and the like,

– instructs visitors to the rules of conduct in the Park and warns them in case of their violation

– records through a questionnaire on a tablet or in the paper form about the most common questions asked by visitors, their nationality, satisfaction with the service, ideas for improvement,

– informs the competent persons about possible locations of the injured where the volunteer can, with his presence and quick reaction, help until the arrival of authorized persons

– communicates with nature conservationists and informants

Number of positions


Volunteering period

From April to August

Working hours

Between 4 to 8 hours a day, from 9 am to 5 pm, five days a week (between Monday and Sunday). The exact number of working hours of volunteers, as well as the precise schedule of their work, will be determined according to the announcements of the arrival of visitors, in the current booking list.


– good knowledge of English
– computer literacy
– a completed secondary education (at least)

– possession of a category B driver’s license
– love spending time outdoors
– teamwork skills
– kindness, eloquence, and excellent communication skills


Croatian and English are obligatory. Knowledge of another world language is desirable. Volunteers from foreign countries can volunteer only if they understand and speak Croatian.

Volunteering with a disability

The volunteering position is not suitable for people with disabilities.


Volunteers will survey visitors at pre-determined locations in the Park: Skradinski buk, on boats from Skradinski buk to Skradin, on boats from Roški slap to Skradinski buk, and at Roški slap.


Accommodation is not provided.


Food is not provided.


Park provides for transportation from the hotel (“Vrata Krke” Lozovac), Šibenik, Ražin, Skradin, Konjevrata and Lozovac. Travel costs of arrival to the wider area of the Park and departure are covered by the volunteers themselves. In the case of work on the middle course of the Krka, transport from Drniš is provided.

What volunteers can do when they are not volunteering

– rent bikes and ride to and around the waterfalls (5 km trail)

– enjoy local specialties (Skradin cake, Skradin risotto, Drniš prosciutto …)

– enjoy evening outings in the surrounding places (Šibenik, Primošten, Vodice, Drniš …)

– walk through the Park and surrounding localities and places

– Swim on the local beach

Why volunteer at our Park

– to gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills and enhance your professional knowledge
– to meet visitors, the local inhabitants, the Public Service, make new friendships, and expand your social network
– to improve your knowledge of foreign languages
– to meet the local community, come up with new ideas, and make new friendships
– to cooperate with the staff of the Public Service and learn about the management of protected areas
– to enjoy nature and engage in different sports activities


Contact Marin Malenica, assistant to the Park director by filling out the form. Marin will contact you with further information or register you as a volunteer if you are interested (and if there are positions available)!