Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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AddressBijela Vodica 48
Crni Lug
Phone +385 (0)51 836 133Webwww.np-risnjak.hr


Join us at National Park Risnjak and try making a shingle – the traditional wooden roof of natural beauty. You will learn an old trade and help repair and cover the rooves of houses within the Park.

The beauty of nature is timeless – let’s make our houses part of this genuine harmony!

Duties and responsibilities

– make a wooden shingle – the traditional roof of the Park area by using traditional tools
– contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage, aesthetic and functional renovation of the Park Administration building
– contribute to preserving the Park’s natural appearance by making a natural construction material that blends in with the environment

Number of positions

4 – 10

Volunteering period

From June to October

Working hours

5 hours a day (from 8 am to 1 pm). The program is available as one one-day or multi-day program depending on the ability of the volunteers to arrange their own accommodation.


– precision
– patience
– hand precision (to make shingles)


Croatian or English. Volunteers from foreign countries must speak English to be able to communicate with the Park staff and other volunteers.

Volunteering with a disability

The position is suitable for people with mild disabilities (e.g. with a hearing impairment) in case these do not prevent them from carrying out the above mentioned duties.


Volunteers will work in the area of the educational trail Leska during nice weather or in a covered area at the Park’s Administration building.
Materijal i neki od alata za izradu drvene šindre: sjekire, vagače, klinovi  Zasijecanje ravnom vagačom i dobivanje cjepanica - zgonata  Od zgonata se krivom vagačom u pravcu godova isijecaju manje cjepanice
Svaki zgont se tada kala na polovice ravnom vagačom, okomito na godove  Šindraš nacijepljeni dio razvlači , rasteže, para i kala rukama - na dvije šindre  Nakon kalanja šindra se slaže u snopove - "mace" - s po 100 daščica i to onako kako je cijepana iz zgonta


Accomodation is not provided and volunteers will need to arrange it by themselves or participate in one-day programme. After the reconstruction of the Volunteer centre, the housing will be provided in common dormitories (two dormitories with 14 beds each and 5 dormitories with 2 beds). Each floor (the ground floor and the attic) has a sanitary block with a shower. The large dining room and the kitchen are on the ground floor.


Food is not provided and volunteers will need to arrange their own meals.


Local transportation within the Park is provided – the Park will ensure transportation from the volunteers’ housing within the Park to the work place. Travel expenses of arrival to and departure from the Park have to be arranged by the volunteers themselves.

Leisure time

– do sports (football, basketball) on the pitch (50 m from the volunteer centre)
– rent bikes and ride on one of many cycling lanes in the Park
– go mountaineering on the peaks of Risnjak and Snježnik
– observe animals (big beasts in particular) from the appropriated area

Why volunteer at our Park

– to gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills
– to meet visitors, the local inhabitants, the Public Service, gain new friendships and expand your social network
– to improve your knowledge of foreign languages
– to have the opportunity to come up with new business ideas and make new friendships
– to cooperate with the Guardians of Nature and learn about the management of protected areas
– to enjoy the beautiful mountain landscapes and fresh air, engage in different sports activities or simply observe and photograph wild animals


Contact Dragan Turk, manager at the Risnjak National Park by filling out the form. Dragan will contact you with further information or register you as a volunteer if you are interested (and if there are positions available)!