Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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AddressKaniža Gospićka 4b
53000 Gospić
Phone+385 53 560 450Webwww.pp-velebit.hr

The Educational Trail Restorer

Join us in the Velebit Nature Park and help us clean the Terezijana educational trails, the symbol of the lifestyle there once was.

Historical heritage is a priceless asset of the entire human civilization. Let’s protect it so the generations to come can get to know their roots and understand their own influence on the future.

Duties and responsibilities

– cut the branches along the trail
– remove bushes from the trail
– restore and clean the trail
– ensure visitors a safe walk through the trail

Number of positions

Up to 20

Volunteering period

It is a one-day activity on April 22nd 2017.

Working hours

One working day of 8 hours.


– must have a basic physical readiness
– show interest in working in the fresh Velebit air!


Croatian and English. Foreign volunteers are expected to speak English so they can communicate with the Park employees and other volunteers.

Volunteering with a disability

People with disabilities can volunteer depending on the type and degree of disability.


Volunteers work on the Terezijana educational trail (from the old school on the Baške Oštarije to above the Konjsko village).
Ulaz na stazu  Tabla s informacijama o stazi  Terezijana - Ljubičko brdo
Terezijana - Zavrata  Terezijana zimi  Posjetitelji Parka na Terezijani


Volunteers coming from distant places are provided with housing in „Baške Oštarije“ hostel (http://www.rekreativnicentar.eu/) – in the common dormitory for two nights, i.e. prior to starting (Friday) and after completing the necessary work (Saturday).
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Food is provided free of charge until work is completed. Volunteers will be provided with two daily meals.


Local transportation within the Park is provided – the Park will ensure transportation of volunteers from their housing within the Park to the work place. Travel expenses of arrival to and departure from the Park have to be arranged by the volunteers themselves.

Leisure time

– go mountaineering on the Premužić trail or see several attractive peaks on Baške Oštarije (e.g. Kiza, Sadikovac, Sladovača, Ljubičko brdo, Badanj, Metla,…) – all paths leading to the peaks are clearly and well-marked
– visit the Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre in Smiljan, near Gospić (25 km away from Baške Oštarije)
– visit the house where Ante Starčević was born (the Veliki Žitnik village, near Gospić 25 km away from Baške Oštarije)
– visit the Museum of Lika in Gospić (20 km away from Baške Oštarije)
– visit the Grabovača cave near Perušić (34 km away from Baške Oštarije)
– visit the Rizvan City Adventure Centre in the Brušane village (9 km away from Baške Oštarije)

Why volunteer at our Park

– to gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills
– to learn about the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Velebit and its surrounding
– to gain new friendships and expand your social network
– to cooperate with the Park employees and learn more about the work of the Public Service
– to be able to enjoy the outdoors, go mountaineering, walk along the beach or do sports


Contact Alena Ivana Svetić, our volunteer coordinator at the Velebit Nature Park, by filling out the formIvana will contact you with further information or register you as a volunteer if you are interested (and if there are positions available)! Applications for 2019 are closed!