Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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22243 Murter
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The Kornati Gull Catcher

Join us and participate in banding and monitoring the Caspian gulls at the Kornati National Park. Experience the direct contact with nature and sharpen your senses. Catch a young gull with your bare hands (if you have the courage) and see how it feels – you can name each gull you catch. By banding and monitoring the birds we are able to determine their movements and habitats; information of great significance for their protection.

Come and help us take care of these tiny world travelers!

Duties and responsibilities

– find and catch young gulls on islands where they nest
– note down the basic data while ringing (with the help of a qualified “ring man” – employee of the Park)
– name them!
– by working, contribute to a better understanding and protection of the Caspian gull (lat. Larus michahellis)

Number of volunteers


Volunteering period

From May to June.

Working hours

Seven hours a day throughout the period of about 10 days.


– ready, willing and showing interest in spending time outdoors
– “hawk eye”
– persistence
– skillful
– physically fit


Croatian or English (to be able to communicate with the volunteer manager)

Volunteering with a disability

Due to specific conditions (inaccessible terrain), this position is not suitable for people with disabilities.


On the islands of the National Park Kornati where the gull colonies are located (Purara, Samograd, Mrtovnjak, Vrtlić). Volunteers will go through an educational training course prior to starting work and will be under continuous supervisor of the Park staff.

Odrasli galeb klaukavac - više-manje svima dobro poznata ptica!  Ukoliko pronađete mladog galeba na slici u 10 sekundi, čestitamo - već imate jednu kvalifikaciju!  Mladi galeb klaukavac vješto se skriva - zapamtite kako izgleda!
Otok Samograd  Otok Vrtlić  Otok Purara


Accommodation is provided, free of charge and unique – volunteers will be housed on a sailboat, owned by the National Park Kornati, decorated and aimed for living (3 cabins, 6 beds, a living room, kitchen and toilet).

DSC04877  DSC04879  DSC04880


Food is provided free of charge – during and outside the working hours. Volunteers can prepare food by themselves or with the help (and company!) of the volunteer manager.


Transportation is free of charge within the Park area and from the island of Murter. Travel costs of arrival to and departure from Murter have to be arranged by the volunteers themselves.

Leisure time

– walk around the island and enjoy nature
– swim in one of the cleanest seas of the Adriatic
– lounge about
– spend time with colleagues-volunteers and Park employees
– enjoy the and hot and cold drinks or local cuisine at local taverns

Why volunteer at our Park

– to experience the beauty of the Park and the island in its entirety
– to learn about the values of the National Park and learn a few things about the management of protected areas
– to participate in encouraging a positive attitude towards preserving nature among our visitors
– to meet the visitors, the local inhabitants and the Public service
– to gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills
– to improve your knowledge of foreign languages
– to enjoy nature, sun and see and use 50+ SPF sunscreens


Contact Zlatko Ružinović, our senior expert advisor-biologist and volunteer coordinator (and ring man) at National Park Kornati by filling out the form. Zlatko will contact you with further information or register you as a volunteer if you are interested (and if there are positions available)!

Applications for this program in 2018. are closed!