Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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AddressKrapje 16
44324 Jasenovac
Phone+385 44 611 190Webwww.pp-lonjsko-polje.hr

Traditional Gardener

Become a traditional gardener and help the forgotten plots surround houses blossom again! Join the LonskoPolje Nature Park and learnthis traditional trade and the skills of decorating village house surroundings.

Duties and responsibilities

– learn about and document the traditional trade and skills
– exchange experiences
– clear the land, sort out waste and compost
– spade, rake, loosen the soil, form traditional joists
– sow, plant andreplant
– weed, prune, mow, get water from the well and water
– photograph
– sort out, document and exchangeplant seeds and seeding pots

Number of positions available


Volunteering period

In April.

Working hours

Five working days (six hours – a total of 30 hours).


– communication and interpersonal skills
– interest for preserving nature and learning traditional trades
– open to and patient for working in the garden
– open to communication and patient while working with the local inhabitants
– ready to get dirty!
– comfortable with working in a bent down, squatting, kneeling position for longer periods of time


Croatian and/or English (it is important for foreign volunteers to speak English so they can communicate with the Park staff).

Volunteering with a disability

Due to the location and nature of the job, the volunteering position is not suitable for people with disabilities, apart from the hard of hearing.


In the villages Krapje and Čigoč – in the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park.

Slika 1. Tradicijska okućnica u Krapju  


Accommodation is provided in the common dormitory of the Krapje Reception centre, in the Krapje village. The facility has a small kitchen, a sanitary block and central heating. Volunteers will be sleeping on spare beds and have to bring a sleeping bag with them. The Krapje village is 32 km away from the Čigoč village.


Food is provided in the form of groceries which the volunteers have to prepare themselves.


Transportation, for volunteering needs, is provided in the form of bikes and vehicles of the Public service. The volunteers have to arrange thier own arrival to the Park, whereas transportation from Novska or Kutina to the Park destination can be arranged.

Leisure time

– visit and spend time with the members of Youth Association of Krapje
– taste traditional food and drinks
– cycle
– fish on the rivers and ponds of Lonjsko polje
– visit ethnographic collections
– visit the Jasenovac memorial site and museum
– engage in various sports activities
– use the library of the Lonjsko polje Nature Park
– spend time exploring nature
– simply enjoy the rich cultural and historical heritage of Lonjsko polje

Why volunteer at our Park

– to gain new experiences, knowledge, skills and strengthen your communication skills
– to learn about the lifestyle in flooded areas
– to meet the local inhabitants, the Park employees and make new friendships
– to learn about the management of protected areas
– to enjoy nature, the culture, local traditions and engage in various recreational activities


Please apply by filling out this form, and Park staff will contact you with more information!