Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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Žumberak beetle explorer

Dear volunteers, if you love nature and you are curious, join us in the magic Žumberak! Nature Park “Žumberak- Samoborsko gorje“ is looking for volunteers. Get involved in monitoring the status of beetles – a species of insects that includes the well-known ‘horned’ beetle. Deforestation and degradation of forest quality and the creation of isolated and fragmented forest areas continuously reduce the number of favorable habitats for these species. This led to their vulnerability and the need to protect them.

Through your work, you will help to gather valuable information about their condition. We need that information for planning the recommended guidelines for managing the areas where these tiny but essential inhabitants of our forests live.

Nature is an invaluable asset, but people often get distracted. Help us remind them.

What Žumberak Beetle Explorer do

– transfers equipment and materials
– sets and inspects beetles’ traps
– determines the species of beetles caught
– photographs individuals and records data in forms
– collects dead individuals
– helps to determine the number of beetles and the status of their habitats

How many volunteers are needed

1 to 2

When to volunteer

From June to August.

Working hours of volunteer

Once a day for 3 hours. From the end of June to the middle of July, depending on the weather, 10 days will be selected for evening monitoring of the beetles’ condition (7pm to 10pm).

What qualities a volunteer should have

– interest in the natural and cultural values of the Park, love of nature (especially insects)
– desire to acquire new knowledge
– developing and applying acquired skills
– communicative and a tendency to work with people (teamwork)
– resourcefulness, motivation, and dexterity
– be ready for fieldwork in areas without infrastructure (in all weather conditions)
– be fit for short hikes
– be ready to work in the evening.

Which languages should volunteer know

Croatian and English language. Foreign volunteers must be fluent in English to communicate with Park staff and other volunteers and provide information to visitors from other countries. Knowledge of additional foreign languages is also an advantage.

Possibility of volunteering for people with disabilities

The program is not generally suitable for people with disabilities, but it is possible to volunteer for people with minor disabilities who are not an obstacle for planned fieldwork.

Where do volunteers work

The Budinjak Eco-Center is a starting point where preparatory activities are undertaken for field trips, and the fieldwork itself takes place at several locations in certain forest communities, outside marked hiking trails and common visitor sites.



Accommodation is not provided. Volunteers from foreign countries or distant parts of the country have to secure a longer stay in the Park with their own funds.

Food cost

Food costs are not included. Volunteers must provide the meal independently.


Transportation costs are not covered – travel expenses for the arrival to and departure from the Park are covers by the volunteers themselves, the monitoring is done with the park staff, transportation within the Park is not required.

What can volunteers do when they are not volunteering

– walk along 315 km of marked hiking trails,
– walk the nearby educational trails within the Park,
– ride over 200 km of marked cycle paths.

Why should you volunteer in our Park

– as a Žumberak beetle researcher, you will have the opportunity to participate in the work of the Park Professional department on the implementation of the fauna monitoring in Žumberak,
– By staying in nature and actively participating in various aspects of the work of the Public Institution, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the protection and preservation of the Nature Park “Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje”,
– you will be able to enjoy the preserved nature and the magical beauties of the traditional mosaic landscape.


Please apply by filling out this form. The administrator will contact you with more information or apply you for volunteering if you are interested (and if there are vacancies )!