Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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Dear volunteers,

by filling out the online form, you have initiated the application process at one of Croatia’s Nature Parks. We thank you for your interest!

You have many volunteering options to choose from, depending on your abilities, possibilities, interests and availability of positions in each of the public services administering Croatia’s Parks.

Upon receiving your application, we will assess whether you meet the minimum criteria for the position and contact you with further information about the next steps. If the volunteering position is currently inactive, look for details on the browser.

By submitting data, you give your consent that all personal data may be inserted in our data base. All volunteers of Croatia’s Parks sign a Volunteer contract which stipulates personal relationships, the rights and responsibilities of the Park and volunteers, pursuant to the Volunteer Act (the Official Gazette 58/07, the Official Gazette 22/13, the Official Gazette 84/21).