Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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AddressPristanište 2
20226 Goveđari - Mljet
Phone+385 20 744 041Webwww.np-mljet.hr

Cultivater of traditional herbs

Deer volunteers, join us on the island of Mljet and help plant planting and preservation within the park. Mljet is recognized as a green island,  one of the islands with the most abundant vegetation on the Adriatic. Cultivating the traditional plants of our island affects the harmony of the landscape and makes it a unique atmosphere in the tourist offer of Mljeta.

Description of the work of cultivating traditional plants:

– the organisation and maintenance of areas cultivated with plantations of traditional plants;

– planting of reproduction and formation of plant species in existing and new locations;

– clearing of abandoned olive groves;

– pruning olives with professional help.

How many volunteers do you need?

From 6 to 10 volunteers.

When can you volunteer?

17.-24.09. and 24.09.-1.10.

Whats the working hours of volunteers?

Volunteering lasts 7 days, one of which is scheduled for vacation and organized tour of the island. Volunteers will work 6 hours a day, including an hour to rest. In case of unfavourable weather conditions (rain and wind), the number of working hours per day would be reduced.

What quality does a volunteer have to have?

– Ability and willingness to work physically work with tools and work outdoors;

– Communicativeness, creativity, good physical preparation, developed motorcycle and sense of space, and teamwork.

What languages does a volunteer need to know?

Croatian and/or English. English is mandatory for foreign volunteers in order to able to communicate with the parks employees.

Possibility of volunteering for persons with disabilities:

The job is suitable for volunteering persons with a lower degree of disability.

Where do volunteers work?

The work will be organized in the area of locations of existing plantations of traditional plants, as well as neglected agricultural land in terms of volunteering in the National Park in order to prevent further succession of agricultural land, which will result in increased biodiversity in these areas.

Volonterski centar  Mljet maslenici

Mljet Jezera     Mljet Maslenici


Accommodation is provided and free of charge. Volunteers will be housed in the Kulijer building owned by the park. There are 7 rooms available with bunk beds, toilets, showers, kitchen, living room. The building is 2 km away from the village Pomena, where is the only hotel on the island, several restaurants and two stores opened during the summer period.

Mljet - smještaj


The food is free and secure – the parks staff will supply volunteers with groceries to prepare themselves food or will provide them with a free meal at the local hotel.


The cost of travel to Mljetis borne by volunteers. The public institution will organise the transport of volunteers from ferry/catamaran pier on Mljet to the place of accommodation.

Also, there is an option to use bicycles for volunteers to and from the place of volunteering and to the place of nutrition. The bicycles will be rented by NP Mljet at more favorable prices.

What can volunteers do when they do not volunteer?

– hiking, walking, cycling on more than 40 km of marked trails;

– rent kayaks and canoes for ride through lakes (Veliko i Malo jezero);

– rent a bike (several hours, half day or several days);

– dive independently or under the expert supervision of the instructor at the diving school;

– rent a scooter or car in Polace and visit the rest of the island and see a large number of sights;

– rest and hang outwith your colleagues volunteers, park staff and visitors to the park and island, in cafes and beach bars, restaurants where local specialities can be tasted.

Why volunteer in our park?

– through volunteering you can gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills;
– you will meet visitors, locals and public institutions in general, as well as their employees and expand your social network by meeting new people;
– you will get to know the beauty and specificities of the park and the island;
– you will participate in open air work in a single environment;
– you will cooperate with the parks employees (nature guards, informants, tourist guides) and learn about managing the protected area;
– you will be able to enjoy nature, sun and sea, relax on the beach or enagage in sports activities such as swimming, diving, cycling, rowing, running, hiking, …


All you have to do is fill out the form. National Park will return to you with more information or apply for volunteering if you are interested!