Volontiranje u Parkovima Hrvatske

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22000 Šibenik
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Market research in Krka National Park

Market researcher

The goal is to research the opinion of visitors and, based on feedback, improve communication, offer better content and ensure even better protection of nature in Krka National Park.


What does a market researcher in Krka NP do?

  • surveys visitors to the Park using pre-prepared survey forms,
  • assists visitors in filling out forms,
  • reports to the volunteer educator on the number of surveys conducted on a daily basis,
  • contributes to the improvement of services provided by the Park and thus indirectly contributes to the protection and preservation of nature,
  • instructs visitors to the rules of conduct in the Park and warns them in case of violation,
  • records through a questionnaire on a tablet or paper on the most common questions asked by visitors, their nationality, satisfaction with the service, ideas for improvement,
  • informs the competent persons about possible locations of the injured where the volunteer can, with their presence and quick reaction, help until the arrival of authorized persons, and
  • communicates with nature conservationists and informants.


How many volunteers are needed?



When can you volunteer?

From July to September. Ten (10) days.


What are the working hours of volunteers?

Four and eight hours a day, between 9:00. and 17:00.


What qualities should a volunteer have?

  • proficiency in English,
  • computer literacy,
  • minimum secondary education,
  • Class “B” driver’s license,
  • preference for spending time in nature,
  • teamwork and people skills, and
  • kindness, eloquence and expressed communication skills.


What languages the volunteer needs to know?

Mandatory knowledge of Croatian and English. Knowledge of another world language is welcome. Volunteers from foreign countries can volunteer only if they can understand and speak English.


Possibility of volunteering for disabled people

Due to the natural configuration of the terrain, the workplace is not suitable for people with disabilities.


Where volunteers work?

Volunteers will conduct a survey of visitors at pre-determined locations of the Park: Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap waterfalls, Laškovica, Burnum, Manojlovac and the Krka Eco Campus in Puljane. Krka Eco Campus



The accommodation is provided at the volunteer centre in the Krka Eco Campus in Puljane. The campus is located 53 km from Šibenik, 23 km from Knin, 21 km from Drniš and 7 km from Oklaj.

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Meals provided (two meals a day).



Local transportation within the Park is provided – the Park will provide transportation of volunteers from the place of their accommodation within the Park to the location of the volunteer activities and the location where the joint lunch will be held.


What can volunteers do when they are not volunteering?

  • visit hiking trails in Krka NP,
  • explore the local environment and cultural and historical sites, and
  • use social facilities on campus.

Why volunteer in Krka National Park?

  • to gain new experiences, strengthen communication skills and improve professional knowledge,
  • to meet visitors, locals and the Public Institution, make new friends and expand the social network,
  • to improve knowledge of foreign languages,
  • to learn about the local community and develop new ideas and partnerships,
  • to collaborate with the staff of the Public Institution and learn about the management of the protected area, and
  • to enjoy nature or engage in sports activities.