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Hiking trail Maintainer

If you love nature and enjoy being in nature the whole day, join us in maintaining hiking and educational trails to provide visitors with safe paths during their visit and exploration of our Park. Assist the technical and ranger service in their day-to-day work and master your fieldwork skills.

What does a Hiking trail Maintainer do?

  •  Maintains the Leska educational trail, hiking trails and paths: cleans trail and maintains the accessibility of paths and trails owned by the Park, trims branches and removes shrubs from the trail, marks trails, constructs security handrails and fences and repairs existing ones, makes benches, maintains and make signposts, etc.
  • Maintains approach route in the Kupa valley: cleans approach route to the spring of the Kupa River, trims branches and removes shrubs from trail, makes safety handrails, repairs and makes wooden crossings and colours them eco-friendly paint

How many volunteers are needed?


When is it possible to volunteer?


What are the working hours?

6 hours daily, from 7 am to 3 pm, from Monday to Saturday

What qualities are required?

  • Good physical condition
  • Goodwill to work in the fresh mountain air
  • Ability in working with woodworking and branching tools
  • Desirable competence to operate a chainsaw, mower, or a trimmer

What language should a volunteer know?

Croatian or English language. Volunteers from foreign countries need to be fluent in English to communicate with Park staff and other volunteers.

Opportunity to volunteer for people with disabilities

Not suitable due to required fieldwork and physical work.

Where do volunteers work?

Volunteers will work on the field in the Park area.


Accommodation is provided in a hostel in Crni Lug, near the administration of the Risnjak National Park. The property has a total of 43 beds, arranged in two larger common bedrooms with 14 beds for larger groups and 5 smaller bedrooms. On each floor (ground floor and attic) there is a bathroom with showers while in a hostel basement there is a large dining room and kitchen.


One meal (lunch) is provided by Park, and it is possible to prepare meals in the kitchenette in a hostel.


Local transport within the Park is organised – Park provides transport from the accommodation within the park to the place of work. Travel expenses for arriving and leaving the Park are paid by volunteers themselves.

What can volunteers do when they aren't volunteering?

  •  Play sports (football, basketball) on a playground 50m away from the hostel
  • Rent bikes and ride one of many trails in the Park
  • Hiking on the peaks of Risnjak and Snježnik and visiting the upper part of the Kupa river with its spring

Why volunteer at our Park?

  • Gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills
  • Get acquainted with the sights and the way the Public Institution operates as well as make contact with visitors and locals
  • Make new friends and expand your social network
  • Use the opportunity to develop new business ideas and partnership
  • Work in nature protection and learn how to manage a protected area
  • Enjoy beautiful mountain scenery and fresh air, engage in sporting activities, or simply observe and photograph wildlife


Contact Ivana Čop, a colleague in National Park, filling out the form. We will be happy to contact you with more information or sign you up to volunteer if you are interested (and if there are vacancies)!

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