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Do you like working with people? Are you communicative and like spending time outdoors? Do you speak English? If your answer is yes, then join our “European Amazon” – Kopački Rit Nature Park – and become part of the volunteer program. Our objective is to interview visitors and on the basis of the data collected, improve communication, offer and ensure more interesting activities and protection strategies for Kopački rit.

Duties and responsibilities

  • interview visitors using prepared questionnaires
  • place the completed questionnaires in the designated areas
  • submit daily reports to the supervisor regarding the number of visitors interviewed
  • process and enter data into the given forms
  • contribute to improving the Park service and thus contribute to protecting and preserving nature

Number of positions

Up to 5

Volunteering period

From May to June

Working hours

Between 4 to 8 hours a day, from 9 am to 5 pm, five days a week (between Monday and Sunday). The precise number of working hours and schedule will be determined on the basis of the arrival of visitors, i.e. the booking list.


  • good knowledge of English
  • computer literacy
  • a completed secondary education (at least)
  • possession of a driver’s license (category B)
  • love spending time outdoors
  • teamwork skills
  • kindness, eloquence and excellent communication skills


Croatian and English are obligatory. Considering the fact that the majority of the Park visitors are domestic, the volunteering of foreign interviewers is only possible if they speak and understand Croatian.

Volunteering with a disability

The volunteering position is not suitable for people with disabilities.


Volunteers will conduct interviews on specific locations within the Park: on the docks of Mali and Veliki Sakadaš lakes, on boats, on the trains for visitors and at the Park’s reception desk in Kopačev and Tikveš. After completing the interviews, volunteers will work in the reception offices to process and analyze the questionnaire data.


Accommodation is not provided and volunteers will have to arrange their own housing.


Food is not provided and volunteers will have to arrange their own meals.


Local transportation within the Park is provided – vehicles and vessels will take volunteers from the reception to the interviewing locations.

Leisure time

  • visit museums, cinemas, bowling alleys, restaurants, clubs and engage in some of the many educational activities which the city of Osijek has to offer (30 km from the Park)
  • visit Karanac Ethno Village which offers excellent local cuisine and attractions for tourists
  • visit Tikveš castle complex, an attractive historical monument of this area; in close proximity to the interesting educational trail called Stari brijest (the Old Elm)
  • the Park’s reception center offers various activities such as walks along paths, cycling and boat rides to a special zoo reservoir

Why volunteer at our Park

  • to gain new experiences and strengthen your communication skills and enhance your professional knowledge
  • to meet visitors, the local inhabitants, the Public Service, make new friendships and expand your social network
  • to improve your knowledge of foreign languages
  • to meet the local community, come up with new ideas and make new friendships
  • to cooperate with the staff of the Public Service and learn about the management of protected areas
  • to enjoy nature and engage in different sports activities


Apply by filling out the form, and employees from Kopački rit Nature Park will contact you with further information or register you as a volunteer if you are interested (and if there are positions available)!

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