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The Green Guard

Come to the Plitvice Lakes - a one of a kind National Park in the heart of Europe and natural area on the World Heritage List – and help us protect and preserve it. It is the only way we can tell the story of its value and beauty and show it to those who still haven’t heard of or seen it.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • provide tourists with basic information about the functioning of the visiting system, visitors whereabouts, main entrances, parking areas, resting spots and etc.
  • provide basic information about the natural processes in the Park, i.e. in terms of the specific characteristics of the plants and animals in the area, various habitats, tufa formation processes and etc.
  • point visitors to the Park’s rules and regulations and warn them of the potential consequences
  • enter data into tablets or on paper questionnaires regarding the visitor’s most frequent questions, their nationality, satisfaction with the service offered, ideas for improvement
  • notify the superiors of any possible injuries and help until the paramedics arrive
  • communicate with the Guardians of Nature and informers

Number of positions


Volunteering period

From July to August.

Working hours

In one shift – from 11 am to 5 pm, i.e. 6 hours a day throughout the period of 6 days a week (one day off during the week, to agree upon). Minimum volunteer period is 3 weeks.


  • communication and people skills
  • open to education
  • patience and tolerance
  • resourcefulness
  • desire for field work, next to the lakes
  • ready to work under various weather conditions


Croatian or English to be able to communicate with the Park staff, although the nature of the position (provide information) requires volunteers to speak at least two languages (English is obligatory). Volunteers from foreign countries must speak English and be fluent in at least one other language.

Volunteering with a disability

The volunteering position is not suitable for people with disabilities.


Field work, in the immediate zone of the National Park. In groups of 2, volunteers will, as instructed, go to the specified paths along the lake and be at the visitors’ service.


Accommodation is provided free of charge. Volunteers will be housed at the Youth centre (Mukinje) in 2 studio apartments, each with 2 rooms.


Volunteers are provided with one daily meal at the “Poljana” restaurant of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Volunteers have to arrange all additional meals by themselves.


Local transportation within the Park is ensured (from the housing to the volunteering site and back). Travel costs of arrival to and departure from the Park have to be arranged by the volunteers themselves.

Leisure time

  • go mountaineering on several mountain trails within the Park: Plitvice and Čorkova uvala trails at trails towards Mrsinj grad and to the top of Gola Plješivica (1.647 m of altitude)
  • enjoy local delicacies such as cheese, schnapps and honey made by the local inhabitants (most often in Babin potok village – half an hour drive from Mukinje)
  • try the Plitvice Strudel, the traditional cake from the Plitvice region, whose recipe is kept secret!
  • visit the surrounding sites and towns: the old town of Drežnik, the Caves of Barać, Rastoke,..
  • relax and spend time with colleagues, other staff and visitors of the Park in cafés and restaurants within the Park

Why volunteer at our Park

  •  to work with visitors from all over the world and thus improve your knowledge of foreign languages and communication skills
  • surrounded by the beautiful scenery under the UNESCO protection, you will have the opportunity to pass on knowledge about the importance of this protected area
  • to enable the Park to better manage visitors by interviewing them
  • to cooperate with employees of the National Park (the Guardians of Nature and informers) and thus learn about the management of protected areas
  • to try local specialties and meet the local community
  • to enjoy nature and spend your free time getting to know the surrounding area, go mountaineering etc.


 The applications received after 15.06. for the volunteer season July/August in the current year will not be considered.

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